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Version: 2.0.2
Last Update: 2012-12-05


Shareaholic for Pinterest is a Chrome extension developed by [email protected]. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Shareaholic for Pinterest is 2.0.2, updated on 2012-12-05.
40,000+ users have installed this extension. 339 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
developer website:

Send images from any website to your pinboards.

The Easiest Way to Send images from any website to your pinboards.

✓ Official Pin Count for Every Webpage
Just like the official Pinterest Button that you see on some webpages, this extension also shows you the Pin count for each page as you surf around the web.

Have you ever wondered how many times the YouTube video, your blog, or that picture you posted has been pinned? :) Wonder no more with this extension.

✓ We love feedback!
If you like it, we'd appreciate if you'd rate it with a 5 star (see below) and tell your friends! If you think it falls short in anyway, please let us know at【[email protected]】what you didn't like, so it will get fixed ASAP.

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Note: for security reasons no extensions are allowed to pull in highlighted text on these Gallery pages. Also, this extension is neither affiliated with nor possible without Pinterest Inc.


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avatar Elite Vinhomes

This utility is very useful, it helps to Pin images to pinterest very quickly, making it not take me too long to do it. If you can select more than 1 photo to create an album, it will indeed become more amazing than ever. Thanks the author. Và bạn có thể thấy website của tôi đã được rất nhiều lượt yêu thích từ pinterest ( )

avatar Bless Their Cottontails

Not functioning and extension fails to even appear in Chrome.

avatar Francisco Jimenez

This extension did not work for me. When I right-clicked on any image that I wanted to pin on Pinterest, I selected the "Pin It" option. This only caused an error page to appear that says this...

" is blocked
This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue.

I was never allowed to pin the image, so something is not working correctly. I used a Windows 10 computer using the Opera browser, which is supposed to be compatible with Chrome extensions.

avatar T.P.A

It didn't work at all.
tried it one Twitter and FB and it just said can't do it.

avatar Zsuzsanna Vári

The extension works fine on most websites. ? Yet it must be admitted that it can't be used universally 'cause some sites are blocked when trying to pin images (that can be downloaded or shared otherwise). Images opened in new tab can't be pinned either. Hope this bug can be solved soon. ?