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Version: 0.2.0
Last Update: 2022-01-15


Open in GIMP photo editor is a Chrome extension developed by According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Open in GIMP photo editor is 0.2.0, updated on 2022-01-15.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 28 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Adds context menu items to send image links and image files directly to the GIMP photo editor

The "Open in GIMP photo editor" extension adds a new item to your right-click context menu to open image links in the GIMP editor.

This extension helps you to directly send images to GIMP without the need to manually save them. If the image has a valid URL, the image's link will be sent directly to GIMP. If the image is in DATA URL format, then the image is stored in your temp directory, and then GIMP is called to open this temporary image (you can alter this behavior on the options page).

1. For this extension to work, you need to have GIMP photo editor installed;
2. Visit the options page to define GIMP location if the extension cannot find it automatically.
3. For this extension to open images in the GIMP photo editor, you will need to install a native connector. The instruction to install the native client is displayed once a link opening is requested.
4. This extension is open-source. You can visit and contribute codes.

1. An option to download images and send local paths to GIMP
2. Send image links directly to GIMP (without first downloading the image) (not recommended; disabled by default)

-- Legal
This extension provides a simple method to ease GIMP's access. There is no claim that it is part of the GIMP photo editor. This is an open-source and independent project.


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avatar Taoufik lahjouji

Waste of time.

avatar j smith

GARBAGE. dont waste your time.

avatar Jefferson Esteves


avatar jan monsen

I was hoping to find exactly something like this. This is a great gift for anyone choosing GIMP over the ridiculously expensive Photoshop that really isn't any better than GIMP at all. Anyone that really gives GIMP a chance, and spend some time learning its tools and its truly powerful abilities will never go back to Photoshop again...why pay all that cash when GIMP can exactly the same and often even more and better than Photoshop ever did. Some more plug-ins and such, and GIMP has left the greedy Photoshop behind by a lot. Without the After- Effect Photoshop got nothing on GIMP... I just wish many more would learn about GIMP and what they are missing out on when they chose to pay ADOBE many times over the real value of that piece of software. Granted, they are very good on customer service, always available for advice and help, and dont mind to give single users special deals and help...which absolutely is really great, but again, very expensive. GIMP is fast free and powerful, and it has a nice learning curve, making it easy to use, and as the time passes it becomes invaluable and something that sooner or later will take over completely what used to be Photoshop domain. Try it, well worth it, I love it, and I'm into photography professionally, as an Astrograph and a semi pro amateur astronomer, I really need strong software thats easy but also contain more advanced functions, and GIMP got it all and then some. I promise.

avatar Cieran Therrien

It did not work and i hate it.