Learning Languages with Texts in your Content Learning Languages with Texts in your Content

Version: 0.71
Last Update: 2020-03-09


Learning Languages with Texts in your Content is a Chrome extension developed by Cee68. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Learning Languages with Texts in your Content is 0.71, updated on 2020-03-09.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 19 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Learning with Texts | Save Vocabulary in Content with Sentences you read

Android App

- Save new words and sentence that matters to you when you read any languages (learn English, Spanish, French..)
- Learn your saved vocabulary in context.
- Translate words using double-click on any website. Translate when click search icon.

Change language in Options. You can add, translate vocabulary, sentences of English , French, Russian..

Method 1:

1. Highlight or Double click the Vocabulary
2. Translate or Add Vocabulary

Method 2:

1. Click icon V
2. Check Now
3. Translate or add Vocabulary

My Vocabulary - Feature Suggestion and Roadmap

v67: sync with google drive
v66: remove discrimination case sensitive
v64: add audio speech (beta)


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avatar Phuong Tran

Good extension! Work even without javascript

avatar arm mokh

really nice extentsion ,but how can I delete a word in vocabulary list? it just has a option for deleting all words.

avatar K leo

Did some more testing and reading and figured out how it works. I like that it can save word and the relevant sentence for later review. One I feel not necessary is processing the entire webpage and hi-light all words. It would be better if I could just use it on a word by word bases.

avatar Jeff Pak


avatar Kasim Tasdemir

I was looking for such a simple word saving tool for a while. It is amazingly useful (almost)!
With a few small touches, this app will become a must for new language learners.
Here is my requests:
- There should be a delete-edit option from the word list.
- It saves the word list to google Drive, which is awesome but I couldn't locate the file in my Google Drive. Where is it?
- That would be better if it has a option to export in human readable format. And GDrive file also should be in Human readable format.
- I would prefer it to save my words to google Docs in a pretty format.
- There should be a help option which explains what is button 1, 2, 3, and tick, how to delete an entry etc.
- Date. The date is necessary for various reasons. I can track my progress. Secondly, I can see how many words I have added in a particular date. Thirdly, That would be easier to find a word I added last week. Fourthly, I can categorize the words according to the dates I have added (more like a photo folder with date on it).
- I might want to only export the last two days rather than the words that are collected for months.
- When I select a word, a pop-up text box might appear to give me opportunity to add the definition of the word or any other note.
- For developers like me, the format of the exported file might be in JSON so that I can write my own software to edit or play with the words.

Great work! Keep going please!