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Last Update: 2023-03-06


KellyC Show YouTube Dislikes is a Chrome extension developed by nradiowave. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of KellyC Show YouTube Dislikes is, updated on 2023-03-06.
30,000+ users have installed this extension. 143 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Show dislikes on Youtube. Return dislikes and ratio bar. Classic ratio bar, controll data sources via options

NOTE : ** Extension can be disabled after update \ install by default - check is enabled - then restart browser if not work **

Youtube has removed dislike statistics. This extension return this functionality back.

My project is similar to other ones, but with some features that was important personaly for me :

- Support select of "dislikes" data providers, so you can clearly see where "likes\dislikes" stat was loaded from. You can find description of data sources in extension settings. You can see data source directly on youtube page if option [Addition oprions] -> [Display data source in ratio bar popup] is activated (active by default)
- Custom ratio bar that can be disabled or recolored from extension settings
- Partly compatible with some mobile browsers (support depends on browser version and manifest v3 compatibility).

Currently supported data providers :

- YouTube metadata parsing (used by default, helps to detect original likes count \ is video votes closed)
- API by Return YouTube Dislikes project ( - active by default. Currently most effective. Used archived youtube data and votes from users of extensions \ services that support this API.
- API by SponsorBlock ( Documentation) - Currently disabled by default. Not many extensions used it so there is almost zero data for current time.
- API by CatFace (my server, currently used as small historical data archive)

Extension source code \ support is available on GitHub :

How extension count "dislikes" and is this results accurate?


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avatar Per Sona

Out of all the dislike number revealing extensions this is one of the best.

avatar ムウシつかっぽ

the only tool i find which can show hided likes and dislikes at the same time

avatar Marc Arregui i Vilà

Only wanted to see dislikes and it works.


avatar MEHORT

Вначале все было нормально, но сейчас почему-то показывает рандомные показатели лайков/дизлайков, и красно-зелёная полоска внизу отображает неверные данные: 11к лайков и 200 дизлайков, а полоска почему-то вся красная и лишь маленький кусочек зеленого, хотя должно быть наоборот.

avatar Nice

Сначала работало, теперь показывает цифры от балды!