Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD by The Trav Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD by The Trav

Version: 4.1.4
Last Update: 2023-03-30


Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD by The Trav is a Chrome extension developed by travis.lawrence12. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD by The Trav is 4.1.4, updated on 2023-03-30.
975 users have installed this extension. 16 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Displays the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and allows you to review similar images of planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas

Your New Tab page will now be the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)!

Your top sites are shown in the top left of the page to maintain some usefulness from the default new tab screen.

Set your APOD to show you Today's APOD a set number of times before switching to a Random APOD. Use the menu bar options to set the number of times each day you want to see the most current APOD before it starts showing Random APOD's. Each day this setting will update!

APOD by The Trav has the following features:
* The fastest loading APOD extension available.
* Use the options in the Chrome menu bar to set "Today" or a "Random" APOD on new tab.
* Save your favorite APOD's for viewing again with the "Save Favorites" button at the bottom right.
* Toggle through the history of viewed images with the Left and Right arrow keys.

Navigation shortcuts:
* Random APOD - 'r'
* Today's APOD - 't'
* Previous Day APOD - 'j'
* Next Day APOD - 'k'

Tab Shortcuts:
* Toggle Explanation - 'e'
* Toggle Favorites - 'f'

Permissions explanation:

- TopSites Permission is simply to show you your top sites in the top left of the page.

- Storage Permissions are used to save your Favorites.


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avatar Jocelyn C

My favorite new tab extension ever and best APOD Chrome extension out there!

avatar John Forde

I love this extension, it is humbling to say the least to be reminded of our significant insignificance everytime I open a new tab! Thank you!

avatar Joel Wasinger

This is my current favorite new tab extension. In addition to the beauty of the backgrounds it offers (continually updated by NASA), it has a surprising array of useful features, including functions that make perusing past offerings and marking favorites a breeze. I also like that once I've viewed the HD version of an image, that becomes the default new tab view (it seems to start with the low res). Indeed, easy access to HD and NASA's descriptive text without having to visit NASA's--sorry, NASA--ugly page are a couple of my other favorite features.

Great work! And thank you.

avatar A Google User

It is AMAZING! BUT!!!!
I have been searching for such a tool for my AstroGate educational YouTube channel. I found it BUT the Today button is broken! please please fix it Trav. and thank you.

avatar Gabriel Chiarelli

Great concept, the favorites feature was also a nice surprise. Neat and well thought-out UI preserves original new tab functionalities conveniently and elegantly.