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Version: 1.0.9
Last Update: 2022-08-04


Website Keyword Extractor & Planner Tool is a Chrome extension developed by Social Analyzer. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Website Keyword Extractor & Planner Tool is 1.0.9, updated on 2022-08-04.
108 users have installed this extension. 6 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 5.00.

Free website keywords tool to check search volume, cpc and more. Research competitor and improve website keyword rank!

Extract the Google search keywords of the website with just one click!

● Check the most related Google keywords by website.
● Get keyword search volume, CPC and PD(Paid Difficulty).
● Support exporting data to CSV table.

You can get more website insights such as website traffic and ranking, competitors from our official website,for free too.

★ Are all of the website keyword research features totally free?
Yes, the extension is a completely free website keyword planner for you.

★ How to use these Google keyword extractors?
Help you check your own and competitors' website keywords and improve website SEO.Enter the website and click the extension,it will extract keywords automatic.

★ How this keywords tool help to improve my website SEO?
We extract website keyword rank based on Google relevance,you able to evaluate your keyword planning with this keyword index and lead the competition.

Try the fastest website keyword tool to speed up your Google ads marketing now!
If you like the website keyword extractor, recommend to others and give a nice review. It really helps.



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avatar Yucheng Gao

To be honest, I often get tired by researching competing keywords. But with this tool, it has helped me save a lot of time monitoring competitor keywords. I can even export the keywords of competing websites with one click and copy their seo keywords strategies. 10/10 recommended.

avatar will michael

Unexpectedly, this tool can directly export the keyword list. I exported all the keywords of my competitor's website.

avatar Young Larry

This is the best free keyword tool I've ever used. I am doing SEO, it is very convenient to use, there are very rich keyword data, help me save a lot of time, thank you.

avatar happykala happykala

It help me find any website's keywords, and I can download. very convenient tool!

avatar YiChen Dai

Nice tool.It's convenient to query keywords.