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Version: 0.2.0
Last Update: 2022-01-03


Self-Destructing Cookies is a Chrome extension developed by joue.quroi. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Self-Destructing Cookies is 0.2.0, updated on 2022-01-03.
4,000+ users have installed this extension. 12 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Delete cookies when browser is closed or once the tab is closed to prevent tracking

This extension aims to bring "Self-Destructing Cookies" extension written by "Ove" to Chromium browsers. The extension supports two modes to deal with cookies:

1. "session" mode: delete cookies once the current session is closed (all browser windows are closed).
2. "tabs" mode: delete cookies related to the current tab once the tab is closed and there are no other tabs of the same domain.

Example: Let's say you are logged-in into your email account:
In "session" mode, you will be logged-in until all browser tabs are closed.
In "tabs" mode, you will be logged-out once all email tabs are closed. So if you have two email tabs opened and still one tab is open, you are still logged-in. Once the other tab is closed, you will get logged-out

Note: the extension does not support cleaning "window.localStorage" at this moment. I will work on that later!

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avatar Rezwan Haque

I do not think..this extension works...

avatar Graham Pearce

This extension causes the entire Chrome browser to constantly get logged out of my Google account, because anytime I close a tab from any Google-related domain or subdomain that I have not yet added specifically to the whitelist, it wipes out my Google login altogether.

At this point I would rather have a blacklist mode, where only sites I add to the list have their cookies removed (either that or a more robust rules/wildcard system for included or excluded domains.) I really only need this for removing article-limit paywalls on a handful of sites, and I'd rather only have those cookies deleted than have to deal with tracking down every possible Google subdomain to avoid getting logged out.

avatar Gowron Martok

This is the only really thing that works for me. I use it on all browsers.


avatar Chris J

Currently does not handle sub-domains very well, in tab mode. Closing a tab with www.domain[.]com also destroys the cookies for other.domain[.]com, even though other tabs for the domain are open.

Has potential, I'll up the stars when problem I'm having are fixed.

avatar Flicsmo

Finally, a simple extension that does what I want it to - clear cookies on closing browser, with a whitelist that's easy to add to. I wish there was an option to have left clicking the icon add/remove from whitelist instead of turning the whole extension on/off, but otherwise it does its job perfectly.