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Version: 0.1.5
Last Update: 2022-06-29


Security Tweaks is a Chrome extension developed by loora. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Security Tweaks is 0.1.5, updated on 2022-06-29.
628 users have installed this extension. 3 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 4.67.

Improve your online security with few tweaks via toolbar popup!

Security Tweaks is an extension that helps you improve your security while browsing by using eight different techniques.

Simply open toolbar popup UI and mark a desired tweak. Please note that, only few tweaks are selected by default. There are few settings (related to JavaScript, inline-script and cookie) available in toolbar popup to adjust.

Currently there are 8 tweaks available for this add-on:
1. Block most common ads.
2. Block third-party JavaScript.
3. Enable safe-browsing.
4. Block cookies.
5. Block inline-script.
6. Block Flash contents.
7. Disable window.eval().
8. Block most common malware URLs.

Note 1: I have made this extension with Yubi's collaboration. This add-on is inspired by Speed Tweaks made by Yubi:

Note 2: to report bugs, please fill the bug report form in the addon's homepage (



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avatar John Magdy

Once i enable any of the following options "Tweak 2: Block third-party Javascript" and Tweak 7: Disable window.eval()" i can't use any Ajax based login pages just like Google's one
and "Tweak 5: block all inline scripts" i can't use any submit form or forms similar to Google's "Suggestion feed or 'Was this helpful ?' feed"

avatar BLH BSIT

I have 8 Browsers on my computer. I am a Securityholic. There simply isn't enough security short of disconnecting. eBay recently has been forcing accepting Cookies. eBay is a GREEDY Monopoly and the biggest fence in the world. Want anything FAKE, Millions of $$$ of stuff is selling monthly on ebay. They are Disingenuous to say the least. I won't authorize eBay to collect data and cookies. I tried everything to stop the the notices to "Accept". I installed Security Tweaks. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a Network Engineer of the infrastructure of the Internet and security Specialist. I am quite careful about data collection. I don't use Win 10 as a result. Win 10 is the biggest Virus in the world collecting data for Microsoft. Enough of that. After installing and not having to configure, this wonderful extension blocked all notices for extensions and cookies. 5 Stars is simply not enough in this situation I have 21 extensions on each of my browsers. Overkill, perhaps, But I brows safely.
I have fixed many computers over the years. Resolved many security leaks and even repaired a computer that had been setup as a Drone processing false transactions in the east. This extension does what it claims. It does it automatically and without interaction. Thanks to the developers of this extension.