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Version: 1.3.0
Last Update: 2021-10-10


One Click Image Downloader is a Chrome extension developed by Licua. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of One Click Image Downloader is 1.3.0, updated on 2021-10-10.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 58 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Adds download buttons to images on a web page.

Adds download buttons to images on a web page.
If there is a link to the original size image, the original size will be downloaded.

■Basic function
- A download button will be displayed in the upper right of the each image.
- You can download the image by clicking the button.

■Additional functions
You can use the following functions from the extension icon in the upper right of the browser.
- Downloads all displayed images at once.
- Automatically scroll the screen and downloads images.

You may not be able to download images on websites that are not made to be standard.

Regarding all obstacles, damages, defects, etc. caused by using this extension, the provider of this extension, the related parties of the provider and any organizations or organizations to which this extension belongs do not assume any responsibility. Please use at your own risk.


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avatar Molnar Gabor

Its a helpful tool.
Improvement: The download icon is not on the top right as mentioned in Chrome store but top left, perfect would be a setting for it to choose, because many website show images with left/right browse function the download icon close to the image border don't work. There a top center or bottom center chooseable icon location would be great.

avatar Hui Zhen Ng

Like the one click, but still makes image-saving inefficient as I am unable to choose folder location when saving.

avatar Michael B

I love the concept, but I hate the execution. Creates a new folder for every webpage: For a gallery of images it will create a dozen folders with one image in each. Also, the "large" button size is so tiny and fiddly. Would be nice to be able to set a default folder and a default image type to grab jpg instead of webp. My search continues.

avatar Trollhammeren Hammertroll

separate folder for each picture... not a great thing ... no way to disable this

avatar joseph999

i'd be amazing if it save every pic in the same folder