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Last Update: 2023-03-22


IronVest is a Chrome extension developed by IronVest. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of IronVest is 9.5.0, updated on 2023-03-22.
100,000+ users have installed this extension. 4416 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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Protect your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.

IronVest is your all-in-one, security and privacy wallet that goes beyond any existing solutions to protect access to your accounts, secure your credit cards, and protect your privacy online with masked email addresses, single-use virtual cards, and masked mobile numbers.

Use IronVest to prevent fraud by protecting access to your most sensitive accounts like banks, investments, health records, email, and more.

** More secure than a password manager or a VPN **

Traditional password managers are not secure enough. They store your most valuable usernames and passwords behind one single master password. And if that gets hacked, all your accounts are exposed.

VPNs provide a virtual private internet connection, but they are not designed to stop fraudsters from accessing your accounts. They create a false sense of security.

** How IronVest is different **

IronVest takes passwords and account logins to another level of security. With easy to use, face biometrics right from your browser, we ensure only you can access your most sensitive accounts like your bank account, email, investments, health records, and more.

** Next-gen password manager **

- A next-gen password manager that protects all your account login information.
- Truly seamless creation of strong, encrypted passwords on any site or service across all of your devices.
- Autofill your user name and password to login to your accounts on web browsers, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
- Protect your passwords with our patented biometric protection for account logins and account resets.
- 2FA code protection! 2FA codes sent to your mobile are vulnerable. IronVest is the only solution that only you can access your 2FA codes and autofills them for you.

** The ultimate in Privacy Protection **

Protecting your digital identity goes hand in hand with protecting your online security by keeping your personal information out of the hands of fraudsters and hackers. So we created a comprehensive set of privacy features that includes:
- Masked (private) email addresses - Keep your private email private. Get access to your masked email inbox or have them forwarded to your real email.
Masked mobile number - Don’t give away your personal mobile number anymore.
- Virtual credit cards - Create 1-time use virtual cards on the fly with one-click
Site tracker. Know which companies are tracking you and block them with ease.

** How we protect your data **

IronVest is built on a decentralized infrastructure, which means there is no single source of data to steal.

- Zero-knowledge infrastructure - we can’t access your passwords.
- Passwords and key data are secured with AES-256 encryption.
- Separate keys are used for authentication/authorization and data encryption.
- Encryption keys are stored using host-proof hosting.
- Encrypted data is stored using optional personal storage accounts.
- Key JavaScript functions run in protected contexts, not in the page.

** Secure, private and convenient online shopping and payments **

Even the most reputable sites and brands you trust get hacked. Keep your credit cards safe from data breaches

- Pay on any site without giving away your credit card info by using virtual credit cards.
- What you buy is your business. Keep what you buy private with virtual cards.
- Prefer using your real credit card? Protect it on our decentralized network and autofill when you need it.
- Autofill info by just looking at the browser camera. We take care of the biometric authentication.

Autofill your personal info on any site with identity management profiles
The safest and most convenient way to autofill your info on travel, shopping, utilities or any online site.
Create multiple profiles with real info, masked info or any combination
Autofill for fast and easy online form filling and checkout experiences
Have your masked emails and masked phone forwarded to you if you wish

** How it works **

- Install the extension (or sign up first on
- Sign up for IronVest
- Use the extension to easily autofill your passwords, email address, or credit cards
- Flexible identity management - use any combination of personal info you want
- Masked email or real email
- Virtual credit card or your real credit card
- Real phone or masked virtual phone number

** Two simple ways to sign up - Free and Premium Unlimited **

- Free - Get most security and privacy features
- Unlimited - Even more protection with unlimited masked credit cards and a virtual mobile number

We have a full-time support team that can help at [email protected] as well as live chat for premium users.

If you loved the Abine Blur digital wallet and passwords manager, you will love IronVest even more. Navigate the web with confidence and ease using the IronVest security and privacy extension.

IronVest - the most secure and user-friendly way to protect access to your accounts, login seamlessly, shop privately, and protect your digital identity.

Secure your accounts. Protect your privacy.


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avatar gene jacobson

I've been using Blur for many years, it's an absolutely outstanding password manager and their customer service is outstanding.

avatar An WIld

You should really make it a must-have extension when you go online.


Lost all my Password. Have this installed and turn on as default password manager. After a while was asked to signin again and after I did, no save password was available and am frustrated at the moment.

avatar C Rog

Bought it for masked cards. Paid the premium monthly fee of $15. You can only make 2-4 cards before they want you to add a checking account, instead of using your debit/credit card to make a masked card. This was NOT listed before you sign up for their premium fee. Furthermore, they then block your account from making a masked card if you make a couple in a day. Should stick to privacy

avatar J J

I have just started using the masked emails. I already have a password manager, but may switch in the future. It is actually much more simple to generate a secure password through Blur than through my password manager. As far as the masked email function, I absolutely love it. I use a masked email when needed to access information or shop, and then I am able to delete the email. My inbox is so much cleaner. The UI for masked emails is excellent. I look forward to digging in deeper to what this extension can offer.