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Last Update: 2018-01-28


Cyber Web Tools is a Chrome extension developed by Cyber Web. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Cyber Web Tools is, updated on 2018-01-28.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 4 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 1.00.
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Chrome extension to analysis your website security. It provides various tools to find web security loopholes.

01. Snapshot
It takes a snapshot of the active web page. It provides two options by which you can either capture full screen web page or capture portion of a web page by selecting the required portion.

02. Estimation
It estimate the input fields with details of the active web page and provides filtration on it. These input fields further categories in form wise. Input details are Id, name, tag name, type, value.

It include tools by which you can perform security testing of a web application. Some of testing tools are Cross Site Request Forgery, Http Only, Cookie Editor, Web Cache Viewer, Session Timeout.

04. Proxy Setting
It configure the proxy setting of the browser. You can use the system's proxy settings or configure proxy settings manually. Changing proxy settings has never been so convenient and reliable.

05. Web Streaming
It observe and analyze web request traffic. You can see the header and body of request generated by browser. There is no need to integrate any software to analyze web request traffic.

06. Web Scanner
It scan web applications, normally from the outside, to look for security vulnerabilities. It can easily detect most common vulnerabilities. It performs scans and tells where the vulnerability exists.



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avatar Елена Инякина

doesn't work

avatar Ben Alden

this extension will not open and let you use any of the tools it claims to have. yet it has full access to your web browser and history. on the other hand the first time i tried to open it and use the tools it redirected me to an unsecure http://cyberwebtools website that luckily my https:// everywhere extension picked up on and blocked. I believe this is a extension used as a phishing device to rouse people into getting cyber attacked. i am uninstalling it and reporting it to google.

avatar james naughton

dont get it dumb cant open the app !!!!!

avatar Emily Ann

pretty worthless as far as i can tell