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Better Ctrl-W is a Chrome extension developed by thalesmello. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Better Ctrl-W is 0.1, updated on 2020-05-02.
1,000+ users have installed this extension. 11 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 3.91.

Closes highlighted tabs. To replace ctrl-w on Windows/Linux for Vim users!

# Better Ctrl-W

Vim users are used to using the `Ctrl-w` key combination for deleting the last
word when in insert mode. That's no problem for Mac OS users when using
chrome, as the keyboard shortcut for closing a tab is Cmd+w. This is a problem
when using the browser on either Linux or Windows machines, as `Ctrl-w` is the
shortcut for closing a window. So, when editing a text, a Vim user might
accidentally close the current tab by issuing a `Ctrl-w` command, sometimes losing
important text that was being edited.

That annoyance motivated people to discuss solutions on [a StackOverflow thread][1],
in which user [`samson`][2] commented he created [a Chrome extension][3] precisely to:

1. Assign `Ctrl-w` to an extension shortcut that does absolutely nothing
2. Assign a hotkey to close the current tab (I like to use `Alt-w` to mimic Mac OS's `Cmd+w`)

The problem with his extension is that it only works with the currently active tab,
and I regularly use `Shift + Click` to highlight a bunch of tabs, so that I can close them
all at once. His plugin didn't support multiple highlighted tabs, so I created my own.

# Usage

To use this plugin as it's intended, you have to set up the keyboard shortcuts after
installing it. Go to `chrome://extensions/shortcuts` and set the following shortcuts:

1. Assign `Do absolutely nothing` to `Ctrl-w`
2. Assign `Close highlighted tabs` to `Alt-w` or any other key combination of choice

This way, `Ctrl-w` will no longer close the current tab by mistake when editing it,
and you will be able to use `Alt-w` to close either the current of all highlighted tabs.




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avatar Mike Michael

Doesn't work.

avatar Oleg Ssh

it would be great if you add to your extension the ability to delete the word before the cursor in the input

avatar Andras

I love it. Thanks!

avatar Stickelback

I use Ctrl W for ever browser game out there thank you so much!

avatar Michael Chao

Although it works, when I want to reset Ctrl W to close tabs, I can't reset it anymore.