AudioContext Fingerprint Defender AudioContext Fingerprint Defender

Version: 0.1.7
Last Update: 2022-11-03


AudioContext Fingerprint Defender is a Chrome extension developed by Yubi. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of AudioContext Fingerprint Defender is 0.1.7, updated on 2022-11-03.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 11 users have rated this extension with an average rating of 3.55.

Defending against AudioContext fingerprinting by reporting a fake value.

AudioContext Fingerprint Defender is an extension that let you easily hide your real audiocontext fingerprint by reporting a random fake value and protecting your privacy.

This addon does NOT block AudioContext or any other web audio API methods, instead, it simply adds a small noise to the actual fingerprint and "renews" it every time you visit a website or reload a page. It is important to note that, this addon does not have any settings or options to adjust. Simply add it to your browser and start surfacing the internet. If you want to test this addon, please visit a website that shows your fingerprint (i.e. audiofingerprint.openwpm). Every time you reload the page, you will see a new fake fingerprint.

Note: depending on your browser and platform, you may need to (Shift+Refresh) a web page to renew the AudioContext fingerprint.

To report bugs, please visit the addon's homepage ( and fill out the bug report form.



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avatar Serega007

Ваше расширение потребляет овер много ресурсов компьютера, 0,5 гб ОЗУ и 40% ЦП

avatar MadCake

Does what it claims to in the most convenient way possible.

avatar Stanton McCandlish

Does exactly what it should do and claims it does. Tested at:
* - defeated all 4 types of audio fingerprinting
* - defeated all 4 types of audio fingerprinting
* - defeated the general "features detection" fingerprint (site doesn't have an audiocontext-specific test)

I like that this is a 1-exploit fix (well, TECHNICALLY a 4-exploit fix) instead of a plugin claiming to spoof all forms of user fingerprinting, since new methods of that come up all the time. It's better to be certain that you have a particular weakness patched up because you have an extension that corresponds to it exactly, than to go without preventing a leak because you assumed it was included in some catchall extension but it wasn't.

PS: Anyone who cannot figure out that they can click on the extension's icon and pick "ShowHide desktop notifications" simply doesn't DESERVE to use this extension. Heh. Really, the developer should just turn this option off by default, since it's obviously the only thing causing unhappy feedback.

avatar AN TT GD QP

It works, guys! It DOES HAVE an option to turn off the notifications!

avatar Richard Tapp

which is more problematic for user? browser tracking or constant useless notifications that developer makes no provision to disable. ironically, most users are likely to select the notifications as the bigger problem. this extension only works against audio (soundcard hardware) tracking. If this tracking matters you need at least 3 other extensions (webGL, canvas, fonts). If a website deploys all 4 types of tracking and many do exactly that, using this developer's apps results in 4 popup annoyances each time a page on that website loads. Furthermore the notification popups don't even clear themselves after a couple seconds on the screen; they all need to be manually cleared.
Load the site: POPUP! POPUP! POPUP! POPUP! (each a reminder of bad extension design and worthless features)
What are all these notifications in Windows tray? Again, 4 more reminders just how poorly designed the extensions are. Click the X, Click the X, Click the X, Click the ....uninstall the f'n annoying extensions.
If your extension is designed to encourage the user to uninstall it, it's either incompetence or fraud. How's that? If the developer accepts some compensation from owner or users of the technology that the extension blocks, users are being defrauded in most cynical of ways. Who owns Chrome? How does owner monetize that? by tracking everything you do online and selling your info. But owner claims no interest in tracking you. "we respect user privacy an offer ways to opt out" Reality: nested landscape of multiple tracking technologies that no politician/regulator would ever understand. To the extent that consumers can deploy some defense against increasingly complex technologies that big tech actively deploys, this brilliant extension represents perhaps the best of the pathetic "options" available. The dev should cite both programming expertise as well as monetizing that expertise on CV; but from user perspective, it's insidious.